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Training Content Overview

Based on a combined 30 years of business experience, we compiled our own learnings, but also the learnings of countless other managers into this program. 

Ramp-up in your new job

This chapter covers everything you need to know in during the early days of a new role. Avoid the traps and make a perfect first impression on your team.

How to efficiently use the first interactions with your team

How to behave if you have free time capacities in the beginning

How to meet and exceed some implicit expectations from your manager and your manager’s bosses – from the first day on

(3 general business skills)

Organize yourself & work effectively

Self-organization is a crucial element of effective work. This chapter reviews to-do list management, tips & tricks around Excel and Powerpoint as well as how to demonstrate clear ownership of individual tasks.

How to manage yourself

  • Organize and prioritize your work
  • Plan your work ahead
  • Execute your work efficiently

How to work with files

  • Set up a new file in the correct way
  • Have this in mind while working in a spreadsheet file
  • Take these basic formal hints into consideration while working in a presentation file
  • Apply these basic functions and features while working in a word processing file

How to take and demonstrate ownership for your topics

How to act after making a mistake

(9 general business skills)

Collaborate effectively with your manager

The course reviews the interaction between employees and their direct manager. It especially focuses on misunderstandings when taking over new tasks and when working on them.

How to communicate efficiently with your manager

  • Put yourself in your manager’s place
  • Pool topics, do not approach your manager with single questions
  • Communicate in a short, but comprehensive way
  • Communicate solutions instead of problems

How to deliver great output when working on your first new task from your manager

  • Be diligent and comprehensive while taking over the new task
  • Obtain feedback from your manager after 25% of your work
  • Deliver your output on time and in great quality

(7 general business skills)

Communicate in a business environment

Communication is crucial when communicating through different channels. This course also especially covers the no. 1 perceived time waste in organizations: meetings.

How to communicate using standard channels

  • How to communicate on typical communication channels
  • Learn when to apply which communication channel (phone vs. Slack vs. email etc.)

Follow these recommendations when using one of selected communication channels

How to behave around meetings

How to prepare for and behave in a meeting as participant

How to set-up and prepare a meeting as organizer

How to run a meetings as organizer

(6 general business skills)

See it for yourself

Talk to us if you want to know more about the product or pricing.

See it for yourself

Talk to us if you want to know more about the product or pricing.